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Welcome to the St. Louis Private EMS Message Board. This message board is provided for the use of EMT's and Paramedics employed by St. Louis area private ambulance services and their supporters in the St. Louis area. It provides an alternate opportunity for us to discuss events, policies, stories, etc. and to start/end rumors. This board and its users are not declaring association with any particular company or organization. As such, postings on this board do not reflect the "official" opinion or position of any existing company or organization or its members or employees. This message board requires that you input a name, but you may enter "anonymous" or a nickname, if you so desire. Please try to refrain from promoting businesses. The Administrators of this site reserve the right to delete or edit messages. Please notify one of the board adminstrators at with any issues you may have with postings to this message board.

Please note: You do NOT need to be employed by a private service to use this board.

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